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Termly Governors Awards

Summer Term 2019 

Class R1

E. Sidwell  - for making some outstanding progress in English and Maths.

E. Williams - for being a 'superstar' all year.

Class R2

F. Kowalski - for an exceptional first year at Springfield.

N. Richardson - for making incredible progress this year.

Class 1A

C. Fazekas - for tremendous determination and progress in phonics this year.

R. Humphrey - for always trying his best regardless of the subject!

Class 1B

A. Crew - for showing enthusiasm and dedication to learning all year.

E. Seaman - for showing increased maturity over the year.

Class 2A

F. Caulton-Fish - for perseverance & resilience in extra-curricular sports.

M. Chen - for exceptional resilient and positive attitude in everything she does.

Class 2B

E. Austin - for an excellent first year at Springfield Primary School.

T. Mtshede - for a very successful year in Class 2B.

Class 3A

L. Bengi - for showing great improvement in the pride he shows in his work.

K. Watson  - for always having a positive attitude to all his school work.

Class 3B

E. Bathew - for a consistently positive attitude to learning.

S. Grewer - for making positive choices and becoming a good friend to all.

Class 4

L. Connolly - for an eagerness to improve in every area of her learning.

A. Eber Quero - for an exceptional positive attitude and infectious smile.

Class 5

J. Byett - for being such a polite and determined young gentleman!

M. Grundy - for being a caring person and developing great friendships.

Class 6

F. Green - for his developing resilience and positive growth mindset.

P. Wallis - for having a consistently positive attitude towards learning.  


 J. Adekoya - for settling in well to school life at Springfield Primary School.

T. Hamad - for being a 'superstar' and making new friendships within Year 5. 

J. Pabla - for being an enthusiastic leaner and working so hard.