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Termly Governors Awards

Autumn Term 2019 

Class R1

K. Kim - for always being kind and including everybody in her play.

S. Wild - for consistently setting a good example to other children.

Class R2

J. Healey - for being a fantastic role model to her peers.

P. Leeson -for being conscientious and trying his best at any task.

Class 1A

K. Hearne - for his determination in English lessons this year.

M. Cosma - for her attitude towards learning, she is an amazing role model.

Class 1B

E. Birtwistle - for being a fantastic role model to others.

B. Sadler - for making a massive effort with his communication.

Class 2A

A. Reed - for excellent determination and enthusiasm for every single lesson.

C. Fazekas - for always trying to do the right thing.

Class 2B

H. Bathew - for his brilliant creativity in independent learning.

J. Smith - for going above and beyond in all areas.

Class 3/4A

L. Woolley - for her resilient and ambitious attitude towards her learning.

V. Brotherton - for her commitment to band this term.

I. Meyers - for being brave enough to audition for the show Annie out of school.

Class 3/4B

I. Douglas - for having a wonderful attitude to learning at home and at school.

T. Roe - for having a persistently positive attitude to learning.

Class 3/4C

L. Wilson - for her positive and enthusiastic attitude to her work in year 3.

P. Waring - for being a polite and well mannered member of the class..

Class 5

A. Day - for being such an excellent role model in Class 5.

L. Connolly - for consistently putting all her effort into achieving her very best.

Class 6

K. Millward - for having a consistently positive attitude towards learning.

F. White - for his enthusiasm, dedication and passion for trampolining.

Class 8

G. Gill - for always being engaged during lessons.

I. Heathcote - for starting to join in adult led activities.

Class 9

P. Birchall - for becoming more independent in his learning.

Class 10

O. Bevan - for learning his lines for the Year 1 Christmas performance.

H. Ali - for being a great friend to new children in Class 10.