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Termly Governors Awards

Spring Term 2022

Congratulations to the following children who received a Governor Award this term:


Dolly M,  Reggie F,  Jonah-Blue C,  Lara C

Year 1/2: Timus S,  Elsie H,  Harry M,  Ava-May W,  Lily-Rose A,  Joseph F
Year 3/4: Frankie O,  Eliza R,  Coragh T,   Zachery D,   Riley H,  Chloe F
Year 5/6: Laiyla-Rose S,  Jessica E,  Amelia N,  Oliver W,  Ellie B,  Katie J
Classes 7-10: Tyler P,  Jesse K,  Bluebell G,  Isabella B, Hettie W, Aliyaan G

These awards are chosen by the staff and shared with our Governing Body, who present the awards in a special celebration assembly at the end of each term.

Well done to all of you for getting noticed by staff for doing something extra special.