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Forest School 

What is Forest School?

Forest School is an innovative educational approach to outdoor play and learning.

The idea of Forest School originates from Scandinavia, where the outdoor culture is a way of life and children thrive in developing confidence and self-esteem through learner inspired play, exploration and supported risk taking.

The benefits of Forest School for children are boundless. Being outdoors provides children with a more memorable and stimulating learning experience. Through the sessions they will experience natural changes from day to day and season to season, giving them a better understanding of their place within nature and the world around them and providing an opportunity to develop personally, socially and emotionally.

We are excited to be introducing Forest School sessions as part of our curriculum provision, starting in September 2022. Forest School is a unique experience for children to develop their independence, self-esteem and confidence through learner-inspired, hands on activities in a natural setting.

We will be introducing the sessions to Year 3/4. Forest School sessions will be led by Mrs Bennett and Miss Spencer and will be held outside in our new Forest School area. During the sessions we will be exploring the world around us and this will involve activities such as:

  • Den and shelter building
  • Team games
  • Sensory activities                                                                        
  • Woodcraft
  • Tool use
  • Cooking on an open fire
  • Fire lighting
  • Exploring and playing
  • Wildlife study and habitat development
  • Rope and string work
  • Art and sculpture work
  • Storytelling