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Home Learning

What can I do with my child if their school is closed?

To keep your child busy and learning in the event  that  school closes, try to complete some of these activities. With a range of fun, engaging and challenging tasks, your children will practise fundamental skills and reinforce concepts that have already been taught to them during this year. This is the perfect way to help your child reinforce learning and enhance knowledge until they are able to return to school.

Why do schools decide to close?

On rare occasions, schools will decide to close. This can be for a variety of reasons but they are usually to protect both students and staff.  Your child’s learning doesn’t stop just because they are not able to attend school and these activities will help them continue with their knowledge and understanding of the world.

Can someone with no teaching experience deliver these packages?

Any adult can support  their child without having any teaching expertise or subject knowledge. Many of the activities require no input at all from an adult – they simply cover content that your child will already have some understanding of, from previous lessons at school.

All resources can be accessed under the 'Pupil' tab - 'Home Learning'.

If your child is in one of our ERF classes or has an EHCP, please select the Year Group that you feel would be best suited for them.

Music Online

Mrs Patterson has ensured that fun online music and singing resources are now available for children to use at home. If you wish to take advantage of this opportunity, and have not already done so, please Email your child's name and class to eyfs@springfield.derby.sch.uk to receive your unique login details.