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The school has an excellent range of reading materials to suit different ages, abilities and interests.

At Springfield, we use Rigby Star and Collins Big Cat as our reading schemes, however, these are used in conjunction with high-quality texts. 

Children in KS1 read regularly with an adult, within a small guided group, concentrating on the enjoyment, understanding and response to a particular book or extract. Guided books include books from the Rigby Star schemes. Year 2 to Year 6 use a range of high-quality texts for whole class reading sessions. Upper KS2 have access to a comprehensive free reader selection as soon as they are ready for this. The selections of books include a wide range of genres to suit all groups and are written by known authors.

At Springfield, we greatly value the role of parents/carers in extending the reading taking place in school and believe this to be an important partnership. Children take home a reading book and are expected to read at least four times each week; discussing their reading in order to develop effective comprehension skills. Children who read four times a week at home will receive a raffle ticket. If they read five times or more, children receive 2 raffle tickets and a ‘Reading Champion’ badge. Tickets are placed in the class reading raffle box and at the end of each term, one name is drawn from each year group. These children are then treated to a trip to Waterstones to pick any book of their choice. Each child also has the opportunity to practise their library skills and visit the local library regularly, where they are able to borrow books of their choice from a comprehensive and exciting selection.

'Reading raffle winners trip to Waterstones'

12 lucky children's names were picked out of the box which had hundreds of raffle tickets in.

These children have earned their raffle tickets by reading at home at least 4 times a week. The children had a lovely morning out to Waterstones to pick any book of their choice! They thoroughly enjoyed the visit.