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Staff and Governors at Springfield Primary School feel that it is important for all children to wear school uniform every day. 

Our Uniform

• Black or grey trousers/skirt/shorts/pinafore dress 
• Gold or yellow polo shirt 
• Burgundy sweatshirt 
• Black, grey, white or burgundy socks/tights 
• Burgundy, red or pink summer dress 
• Black sensible shoes with a low heel (no trainers) (skirts/dresses should be a    sensible length, such as knee length)

 PE kit: 

• Trainers or plimsolls/pumps for indoor use 
• Trainers for outdoor use 
• Polo shirt in House colours
   (New Zealand - Blue,  Spain - Red,  Jamaica - Green,  Brazil - Yellow)
• Black or navy blue shorts 
• Navy blue or black tracksuit and/ or jogging bottoms 
• Socks suitable for sporting activities 


Children are permitted to wear only one set of small stud earrings at school. These should be taken out by the child during PE. Recently pierced ears should be covered with tape during PE lessons until earrings can be removed. Children are permitted to wear a non-digital wristwatch. 


The school does not permit children to have patterns cut into their hair as these could serve as a distraction to other children and are considered by the governing body to be unsuitable for school. The school does not permit unnatural colourings in the children's hair for similar reasons. Hair which is longer than shoulder length, for either boys or girls, must be tied back at all times. Hair adornments such as slides or headbands must be neat, unobtrusive in colour and size, and serve a practical purpose rather than just being fashion accessories. Similarly, nail varnish, Acrylic or false nails should not be worn.
All clothing must be labelled clearly with the child’s name, we will not take responsibility for lost clothing items. 
You can obtain all our uniform from the supplier below:

Morleys School Outfitters

446 Nottingham Road
DE21 6PE

Telephone: 001332  281 311