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Our mental health and wellbeing is just as important as our physical wellbeing.

Please follow the links below for advice and guidance on how you can achieve a state of positive mental health and wellbeing on a daily basis. For further help and support click here

Supporting Children at Home

Anxiety Booklet

Wellbeing Poster

   Derby And Derbyshire Emotional Health and Wellbeing


Helpful Information to Answer Children Questions About Coronavirus 



Talking to Your Child About the Coronavirus - YoungMinds



Coronavirus and Your Wellbeing Mind



Worries About the World - Childline Advice Page
This page includes information on what concerns a child might currently have, for example about the coronavirus, and some things to try to address these worries.



Mood journal - Childline

Children can sign up to Childline’s “locker” and track their daily mood in the mood journal. This might be a helpful way for children to balance their mood during a period of uncertainty.

   Childline Feelings & Emotions

   Things to do if You're Feeling Down


Calm Zone - Childline

A toolbox of activities such as breathing exercises, coping videos, yoga videos and games that can help children feel calm in a period of disruption.

   Childline Calm Zone


DCFC Community Trust 

   Wellbeing Guide 

   Resilient Rammie KS1 

   Resilient Rammie KS2 


Topical Information

   BBC Newsround